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Carl Selesky Houston Divorce Attorney at LawMarriage has been around since the earliest of civilizations, dating back to ancient times. The reasons for getting married over the years have differed, fulfilling various social and personal functions. The Catholic Church, classifying marriage as a sacred union, heavily influenced the divorce laws that were created in most Western countries and spoke of marriage as an unbreakable covenant made between a man and a woman.

As times have changed, the United States now currently has the highest divorce rate in the world, with roughly half of all marriages ending in divorce. Every year there are approximately 2.4 million marriages in the U.S. and 1.2 million divorces (based on 1997 Census numbers). Family laws have changed over the years, with easier divorces in the 1960s believed necessary for toxic relationships. While the loosening of family laws have been blamed for the surge in divorces, studies have shown the ability to get out of an unhealthy relationship has allowed for a better balance in power resulting in a decrease in domestic violence.

The number one thing married couples argue about is money, followed by children. If seeking a divorce, Carl Selesky understand the legal rights and options available and will seek dissolution of the marriage while preserving the best interests of all parties involved.

Changing Divorce Laws May Promote Healthier Lives

Over the years, looser divorce laws have been blamed for destroying families and resulting in the surge of divorces sought, but a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that when California passed a no-fault divorce law in 1970 the divorce rate jumped but then later fell back to its old level and ended up falling even below that. The same pattern was found to occur in other states that loosened their laws as well, and favorable trends also were found to happen alongside it. (Baltimore Sun, April 2, 2004 "Surprise: No-fault divorce may strengthen marriage," by Steve Chapman.)

Fewer women committed suicide and husbands or other intimate partners murdered fewer women. In addition, there was a decrease in domestic violence for both men and women compared with states that had the stricter divorce laws. The ability to create a more equal balance of power because of changes in divorce laws are positive, but the need to protect children from the challenges created because of broken homes must continue to be a priority.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Houston

There are countless mistakes that can be made in the divorce process that a Houston divorce lawyer will avoid. Divorces can be an extremely stressful period in life and by trying to move along the process a spouse can agree to things that are not in their best interests or the best interests of the children. Even in the most amicable splits, a spouse could end up with great financial losses otherwise avoided had an experienced divorce attorney been consulted. Please contact us to reach Carl Selesky, an experienced divorce lawyer in Houston.

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