Divorce Mediation in Houston

Efforts to bring down the U.S.'s high divorce rate have so far been unsuccessful as the number of divorces occurring every year continues to climb. Now instead of trying to focus on just reducing the divorce rate reformers are instead exploring more efficient ways of making the divorce process less detrimental. For many people, divorce can be an extremely painful time that is sometimes dragged out for years. Studies continue to show the dangers that exposing children to messy divorces can have on them.

One way of avoiding a potentially ugly divorce situation is to consider mediation. Mediation is a voluntary way of reaching a negotiated decision between the two spouses using the assistance of a trained mediator. All aspects of the divorce are agreed upon during mediation, including division of property, parenting and child support, and any other matters. New to family law, mediation is not right for everyone but is becoming a more popular approach to divorce.

The idea of mediation may sometimes be an immediate turnoff since the last thing a divorcing couple may want to do is deal with one another on the terms of their split. There is a misunderstanding that only the most amicable of splits will be able to consider mediation. Some research has shown even couples with significant conflicts between each other can effectively use mediation for divorce in order to have a time-limited process that can avoid ending up being dragged out by arguments over small issues.

Is Mediation Right For Your Divorce Case?

A Houston divorce lawyer is very strongly advised if deciding on mediation. Mediation should by no means be a way to cut out legal counsel, rather is just another way of getting through the divorce process. A divorce lawyer will be able to properly consult with the spouse and inform them of their legal rights and options. Especially before deciding on the terms of the divorce, it is important to have a Houston divorce lawyer review the final agreement prior to signing or agreeing to any of the terms.

If at any point a spouse does not feel like mediation is the way to go, a traditional divorce approach can be sought. For couples with especially complicated financial situations, a Houston divorce lawyer will make sure the terms of the agreement are fair.

For more information on mediation, please contact us to confer with a divorce lawyer in Houston.

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