Texas Lawyers Disagree on Using Divorce Forms

In Texas, the question of whether divorcing couples should be able to use a form to get a divorce instead of seeing a lawyer to guide them through the process is still up in the air.

On one side are family law attorneys who say forms won’t work because merely filling out a form is too simple a process to deal with the complexities of the legal system.

On the other side are advocates for legal access who want forms to be available to low-income couples seeking a cheaper and easier way to file for simple, uncontested divorces.

A Texas Supreme Court advisory committee was scheduled April 13 to discuss recommendations from the two sides:

  • Family law attorneys, represented by the Texas Family Law Foundation among others, who oppose the divorce forms.
  • Legal access supporters who believe the forms are essential to low income applicants for divorce. They are represented by the Texas Access to Justice Commission.

Last year, the Texas Supreme Court established a task force to develop simple forms. But on Jan. 20, when the task force had completed developing the forms, the State Bar of Texas’ board of directors voted to press the Supreme Court to stop the process of creating and using forms.

In reply, Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson informed the state bar association that he would refer the issue to the advisory committee.

An attorney for the Texas Family Law Foundation said simply using the forms wouldn’t work. But the chairman of the Texas Access to Justice Commission and a supporter of using the forms said there are too few lawyers to help low-income people.

The advisory committee has yet to make a decision.

Source: The Texas Tribune

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